Social Media Marketing Makeover (Gold)

Social Media Marketing Makeover (Gold)

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"Social Media Marketing Makeover" is The Best Way to Help YOU Get Started Marketing Your Brand Online Today!

-Need Help Setting Up Your Business On Social Media & The Internet?

-Have A Good Idea... But Don't Know How Or Where To Get Started On The Internet?

-Need Help Figuring Out How To Make More Money By Getting Active On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Snapchat... But Don't Know Where To Start?

-Are You Already On Social Media, But Your Brand Doesn't Look As Professional As It Should Be?

-Not Making Any Money On Shopify & Amazon, While Everyone Else Is Getting Rich?

-Already On Social Media, But NOT Making Any Money?

-Do You Have No Clue, How To Market Your Brand Online?

-Are You Wondering How To Get MORE Followers On Social Media?

-Want To Make Money Online As A Musician, Producer, Director Or Creator, But Don't Know Where To Start?

-Need Help Creating A Plan To Get Yourself Or Your Brand Further & Into The Forefront Of The Internet... So That People Are Buying YOUR Products Online?

-Have A Computer Or Laptop, But Don't Know Much About Setting Up Websites, Podcasts, RSS Feeds, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media Websites, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Keyword Research, SEO, Digital Distribution, Filing Trademarks, Monetizing Content, Understanding Contracts, Finding Good Help and Starting An Online Business From Scratch?

These are questions that we encounter everyday and if you answered YES to any of these questions, then "Social Media Marketing Makeover" was made for YOU!

We've Already Spent Tens of Thousands of Dollars On Lawyers, Faulty Web Designers, Slow Editors & Graphic Designers Who Can Never Turn Around ON TIME!

We Created This Program To Make It Fast & Easy For You To Get Your Business FULLY Set Up On Social Media, With An Industry Standard Design & Approach

Popular Social Media Influencers Make Up To Six Or Seven Figures Per Year!!! Check Out This Video By Forbes Magazine

We Help People Like You Get Set Up On Social Media & The Internet... Which Gives You One Less Thing To Worry About

Why waste your priceless time, trying to figure out what The Pros Have Already Figured Out?

Check out this short documentary to see how artist 21 Savage, used Social Media Marketing to go from Rags-to-Riches!


Here's A YouTube Creator Award That We Received When One Of Our Past Projects Surpassed 100,000 Subscribers! This brand now has over 327,000 subscribers on YouTube Alone!

-Work Directly With The Pros!

-Get Your Brand Set Up By Professionals!

-Be Ready For E-Commerce Sales Today!

-Start Making Money Using the Power of the Internet and Social Media TODAY!


This Is A 100% REAL Invoice From A Client That We Recently Charged $3200!

We Are Now Offering "Social Media Marketing Makeover" Program Online For

Only $1,997!

Our Clients Will Happily Pay $2997 Or More Because "Social Media Marketing Makeover" Sets Their Brands Up Online, Which Gives Them The Potential To Make MILLIONS!

You Can Now Get The Same Professional Service At Less Than 1/3 Of The Full Price!

The "Social Media Marketing Makeover" Program Comes With Over $5,994 Worth of Services & Value and Includes Up To 125 Hours Of One-On-One Services Including:

Consultation & Strategic Planning

Logo Design

Product Design

Trademark Filing & Registration

Copyright & Patent Advice and Consultation

Shopify Store Acquisition & Setup

Tumblr, Blogger & Wordpress Setup

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Header Design & Setup

Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Setup

RSS Podcast & iTunes Podcast Creation

Website Creation & Domain Registration

IAB Standard Graphic Creation

Promo Video Creation

Promotional Strategy & Execution

Search Engine Optimization

Contracts & Forms Which Can Be Modified To Suit Your Needs

"Social Media Marketing Makeover" Now Available For Only $1,997! Get Yours TODAY!

What You Get For $1,997:

-Full Social Media Marketing Makeover

-Social Media Page Setup & Acquisition

-YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkenIn & More

-IAB Standard Banners Ready For Google AdWords/YouTube/Facebook

-On Demand Graphic Design, Ready To Suit Your Project & Promotional Needs

-Logo & Branding Creation

-Content Monetization Strategy

-One-On-One Phone & Email Consultation With Our Support Team

-Trademark Registration & Filing

-Contracts & Agreements That You Wont Need To Pay A Lawyer Thousands To Draft

-Production Assistance & Advice

-Consultation With Our Skilled Team Members

-24 Hour Customer Support

"Social Media Marketing Makeover" Only $1,997! Get Yours Now & Get Started Marketing Your Brand On Social Media TODAY!


About The Founders

The "Social Media Makeover" team is a Grammy Nominated & RIAA Multi-Platinum group of thinkers who have achieved commercial success on and offline. Now using the power of the internet and Social Media, we have come together to offer our services and expertise to a select few brands and organizations, who are looking for a competitive edge over their competition. Our team consists of filmmakers, video editors, graphic designers, songwriters, programmers, music producers, writers, bloggers and creative minds, from all walks of life.

The "Social Media Marketing Makeover" Program was created by Grammy Nominated and Multi-Platinum Producer, Ousala Aleem, also known as Prestley Snipes. Ousala is an expert in Social Media Marketing and creating Viral Internet Campaigns. Ousala is also the author of “How To Make It In The Music Business: Using Social Media Marketing To Build A Large Following”.


Paul Himmel is a consultant and project coordinator on the "Social Media Marketing Makeover" Team. Paul has spent years working as a professional consultant. For years, Paul has worked with "UNKNWN", a high-end store, in Florida's Aventura Mall, founded by NBA Champion LeBron James. Paul is also an established music producer and Miami DJ, who goes by the name Arkitekt.